Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dan Donlan - Coy's Highline Theater

It was the place to go on Saturday mornings. My family in "56" was poor. I am sure a lot of my classmates especially those in the Top hat or White Center area can relate. Mom could not afford the quarter for me. So I picked beans, Strawberries, whatever needed picking. In those days if you remember we were the itinerate farm workers. All day on weekdays I sweep and cleaned one of the local Real Estate offices and for one dollar. The goal was to get money to go to the theater.

So how many remember, "Charge Feather River in 3-D?". Indians charging across the river shooting arrows at us the cowboys. It was realistic enough that we would duck and scream. One of my friends younger brother was especially taken in by the fright. I took my 3D glasses off and pointed this out to my friends and said, "Watch this!" As one stream of arrows came from the river I took my fingers and pounded them on his chest. It was a foolish thing to do as he hyperventilated and they nearly had to bring the aid ambulance. Forever he awaited his chance to get even with me.

This time it was just a regular movie. But a popular one with the adults not so much the kids. He said to me, "Open your palm!" I should have been leery. He laid a huge piece of cotton on my open palm and whispered, "Bet you a dollar I can move the cotton to the end of your finger without touching you?" I noticed he had something with burning embers. But before I could react he touched the cotton. All my friends bailed out. There was a huge flash of fire going to the ceiling and then smoke. When the smoke cleared. I was standing there holding my palms in the air and everyone was yelling for the ushers to throw me out.

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